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This website exists to facilitate finding information about dyscalculia / specific difficulties in mathematics and that teachers, students and all those who for some reason are looking for informaton will be able to find it here.

Here you should also hopefully be able to find materials that can be useful in school and everyday life, things that can help.

Unfortunately, it is not at all many people even know that dyscalculia / specific mathematical difficulties exist! This can be seen examples everywhere, people in adulthood may be confirmed and understanding themselves as to why mathematics or never worked very hard in school and in general throughout life.

Like dyslexia that was heavily questioned when the name of the diagnosis came, the symptoms have been there much longer. The same situation is right now dyscalculia, many question the diagnosis / symptoms, and doubt that it exists. We hope that understanding and knowledge shall increase, both in general and specifically of the school where many students are currently struggling with mathematics.

However, we see gratifying that dyscalculia more public attention in various articles, debates and among politicians and others, this is a big step forward. However needed and more can be done!

The website is run by a private person who has been diagnosed with dyscalculia at the age of 28.

This page is powered not by any doctors, scientists, etc., or any official device.

Sincerely, David


Kortfattad info om sidan

Denna hemsida finns till för att underlätta att hitta information om dyskalkyli/specifika matematiksvårigheter och att lärare, elever och alla som av någon anledning söker informaton ska kunna finna den här




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